7 Tips For How To Create Memorable And Attention-Grabbing Instagram Bios

7 Tips For How To Create Memorable And Attention-Grabbing Instagram Bios.

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  1. Identify Your Goal

Before you write your bio, it is critical for you to identify your goal first. Whether it is sharing your business’s mission or helping your audience get a good feel of your personality, you must know what you want to achieve with your Instagram account. It will be a lot easier to adhere to the character count when you have a clear objective.

  1. Describe Yourself

People who are successful on Instagram understand that they cannot rely solely on their captions and photos to share more about themselves with their target audience. Even when you have the best photos, you will need to have an Instagram bio that is interesting and engaging. For example, you can include your hobbies, achievements, current employer, and job title. You also don’t need to be limited to only one job title. You might want to include a side hustle.

No matter what you end up including, it is essential to use the proper tone to appropriately convey your personality. For example, to come across as informal and fun, adding some relevant emojis can be great and also save on valuable characters as well.

  1. Include your Interests

You must connect well with your target audience in order to increase your social media following, It is a great way as well to introduce the kind of content you will be sharing with your audience. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in sentence format given that there are limited characters that you can use. Listing a few words that offer a hint of the things that get you excited can also make users excited to follow you.

  1. Add a link to the Bio Tool

Not only is the character limit frustrating, but the link limit is as well. Only one link can be added to your Instagram bio. To get the most from that one link, an Instagram link can be used in bio tools, like Shorby, Tap Bio, Linktree, or Feedlink. They direct users to a different page that contains multiple links. This allows you to promote multiple links and you can measure clicks as well. Here is a good guide to SEO for bios.

  1. Change the Font

There are also tools available that allow you to change the custom Instagram font’s appearance. It can be used to change all of the text over to special characters. However, we recommend that it be applied to only a few words to better emphasize your keywords.

  1. Incorporate Instagram Bio Symbols

You may not want to use emojis. There are also special text symbols that can be used as bullet points or strategically within your bio. Just open up a Google Doc, then click on “Insert” and from the drop-down menu choose “Special characters.” You can search for keywords that relate to your niche or scroll through a character list.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags

Clickable hashtags can be used on Instagram. Branded hashtags can be included to collect user-generated content or to promote new campaigns. Of course, the right profile image size helps too