A Quick Guide On Foot Photography

It isn’t difficult to photograph feet, however, once you want to sell these photos, there are a couple of things you will need to learn.

You will need to do a small photo shoot in order to create the best photos to sell foot images on OnlyFans.

We will now cover a couple of important considerations:


It is very possible to sell photos of your feet. You may be concerned about the appearance of your feet and may believe they are ugly or even gross. However, this isn’t true and you have no reason to be worried.

The majority of people love natural looking feet.

This means that you don’t need to go through the trouble of removing your toe hairs since many people love unedited foot photos.

Even weird looking photos can be seen as more desirable.

When it comes to your feet, you should ensure they look soft and are clean. This means you should buy lots of foot scrubs, masks and ensure that your toenails are cut and neat.

Once you believe that it is possible to sell your foot photos because your have great looking feet, then you should take good care of your feet.

This means going for a pedicure on occasion and trying your best to avoid getting any scars on your feet or discoloration.

Many years ago, there was a hand model that achieved viral status due to the fact that she took a lot of care to protect and care for her hands.

After all, her hands were responsible for her income. So, you should take care of your feet and consider them to be your best asset. So, make sure that you take good care of them and ensure they always look their best.

Creating The Setting

When you think about it, there are a limited number of ways that you can photograph your feet.

After some time, these photos can become quite boring so you should try to change the setting frequently.

If you typically go on many vacations or trips, then you should take photos of your feet at different locations in different settings.

If you’re on your own, then you may have to position yourself in awkward angles in order to get a fantastic shot.

You should practice patience and become as comfortable as you can since taking these photos will take some time.

There are many people who would pay good money to get specialty feet photos or customized photos.

According to one particular foot model, she indicated that many customers asked her to take feet photos in farm, medieval, pinup, underwater and other types of backgrounds.

Therefore, you should try your best to change the backgrounds, settings and themes of your photos so that your customers don’t get bored.

It is even possible to take requests for additional money. Here are some more tips for good photos of feet.


Once you start using a variety of props in your photo shoots, you will certainly feel as though you’re doing a full time job.

It is a good idea to incorporate storytelling with your feet photos. A good example of this would be to have your feet on a bed curled up against a beautiful duvet.

You can also use beautiful or even custom shoes, paint your feet etc.

The point is, you should strive to be as creative as possible. Getting weird is also highly encouraged since this is a part of this niche.

You can even elevate your feet photos to an art form!

This means using surrealism and other types of art styles in your photo with various props.

There are lots of people who would be extremely happy to pay for feet photos that are imaginative and interesting.

You can even walk on fruit, paint or other textured items to create interesting photos that would surely sell.


There are many arrogant photographers who say that natural lighting is the best type of light to use.

This is true to an extent, as natural lighting does enhance photos.

With that said, you can also create amazing photos with artificial lights.

Once you are committed to foot photography, then it is highly recommended that you purchase professional lighting equipment. This will ensure you get clear photos that your customers will love.

Remember, in order to be paid at a premium, your photos need to be extremely high quality.

So, if you want to give yourself the best chance at success, you should invest in professional equipment so you can make the most of this opportunity.

The Photograph

If you take any beginner photography course, the first thing that you’ll learn about is composition.

After you’ve taken the typical foot photos, you will need to become a bit more creative.

This is essential if you want to create a story using your photos.

You can achieve this by creating different settings, taking photos at various angles etc.

Once you want to sell your foot photos in different sets, then you need to ensure that each photo is interesting on its own and doesn’t look like the rest of your photos.

When you take the time to be more creative, your clients will be happier to pay you more money.


We have just covered everything you need to know in order to start taking and selling feet photos. This is a unique and interesting job that is fully capable of paying all your bills once you’re committed.

Make sure to have lots of fun, put your best foot forward and you will be quite surprised at how successful you can become.