Top Places to Promote OnlyFans Accounts

There’s so many options to promote OnlyFans accounts for content creators. However, it’s hard to know which is going to provide you the greatest reward for your efforts. Measurability is hard, however in our opinion these are among the best possible options for creators and offer the most benefit for the amount of time sunk.


This is a platform that has more than 500,000 page views every month from fans. Imagine how many are registered with OnlyFans from the 500,000 plus and those who are looking for new models to follow. This platform is making it easier for creators to be discovered.

OnlyFans alternatives

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder

You can sell your feet pics here and make some money. you are going to make money on the site is uploading feet videos and pics and creating feet albums. The albums can be bought unlimited times. There is also the option of subscribers paying a monthly fee so they can see your feet videos and pics. Join the platform and see whether it works for you.

FriendsOnly is an alternative for adult creators

FriendsOnly is a good platform for sharing adult content. This is a good option for adult content creators to make money. You make money here through subscriptions, selling content as PPVs, and fans contacting you as the creator through messages and asking for custom content. FriendsOnly has become a good platform for adult content creators because it gives them discoverability and exposure. The content can be in form of vertical videos like on TikTok. You will get paid when you start getting subscribers.


Writing on forums like Quora can end up changing your life. It is a good place for sharing the same content shared on Instagram and Reddit. You can share the content on Quora spaces or articles on your site or blog or other writing platforms that lets you reach thousands of people without having to advertise.

Using TikTok as a marketing tool for your OnlyFans profile

If you have a close look at some adult content creators on OF, you will notice that they have a strong presence on TikTok. producing a 15-30 second short TikTok video is going to take you a few minutes. Once you have the video, you can easily reach thousands of people. Keep in mind that Instagram and TikTok are against putting explicit content on the platform. This is why you need to cover any private parts of your body. Go through the terms and conditions of the platform before you start using it. Check out our TikTok OnlyFans guide.

Dating Sites and Apps

In most cases, it is a waste of time to promote your OnlyFans on Tinder and similar dating sites. There are those who claim this has worked for them, but they are banned regularly and they have to change their SIM cards repeatedly or even get new phones. The best option is one that you can get the most subscribers and putting the least effort.

If you are not using dating apps to promote your OF, then you shouldn’t have your OF information n your messages or on your profile. It is better to have your Snapchat on the bio. When they add you on Snapchat, you can then send them teasers and tell them to head to your OF profile for more content.


To make this short and simple; don’t bother. In the past, it was a great way of promoting your content and most creators were only using it for getting subscribers. They didn’t allow NSFW content, but there was always a way around it.


You can focus on building a strong OnlyFans following on YouTube and then using OF to provide your subscribers with exclusive content that they cannot find anywhere else online. It might be additional videos, digital products, PDFs, etc. You can have an OF link on your video description or profile. It might also be a good idea to have a call to action at the end of the video to remind them to check out your OF and subscribe.

When you closely look at most of the YouTube videos, you will notice the creators or hosts asking their audience to like and subscribe. You should see YouTube as a long-term strategy. The longer the video is live, the more the number of people you can expect to see it over time. This can be great for long-term growth because people can find you because of one video or another.

In the years that creators were using Snapchat, they got stricter and stricter when it came to NSFW content. Every time OF creators discovered a loophole on Snapchat or a work around the restrictions, they caught it and stopped it. If you post adult content on the platform, you get banned. This is not worth your energy or time because there are other easier options that will give you better results than Snapchat.

Facebook and Instagram

It is acceptable to promote your OF on Instagram and Facebook, you need to be very careful when you post content, especially videos or images. If you have content that contains sexual content or nudity, it is going to be removed from Instagram and Facebook.

If you are using your OF to broadcast or sell adult content, then delicacy is important. You shouldn’t oversexualize your post’s caption. This can be challenging for some, but something simple like “check out my OnlyFans” is going to work. Follow the caption with an attention-grabbing image. You can have your OF link on your Instagram bio. You can tell your audience about it on an Instagram story or post and send them to your link. For stories, encourage your followers to “swipe up”.

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